Show & Tell Titles

Show & Tell is a conference at the crossroads of expertise, experience and know-how. Organized at HETIC, Paris, four people come to present their work and achievment, about a simple theme, so we have different angles to look at about this theme.

In january we organized the second conference about 3D in different sectors of activity, such as WebGL, Data, AR/VR and Advertising/ Motion Design.
So it was a great opportunity to start a new motion project:

The Main Titles ...

After different iterations, which were too complexe and colorful, return to a more classical artistic direction, a noisy black and white, had more sense and impact. Slow images is also a decision that quite goes out of my comfort zone. Because it means that I needed shots with more sense and not just 160 bpm music with unreadable pictures.

2019 / TITLES, MOTION, 3D 
still benji
still bruno
still ludo
still paulo