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Dreem is new revolutionnary product for insomniac and people who have sleep issues.
It's a head band made for being weared while you're sleeping. With differents kind of sensors and pieces, it make you sleep better.

But to control it, you need a mobile app. And this app was announced by Dreem CEO in early november  in Paris, within a keynote about the future of this product. And to showcase the app, they call SocialClub, a "digital + advertising" agency. They had to produce all the content for the keynote. And so, this is where my work starts.

I met Social Club some weeks before the keynote and they where looking for a 3D Motion Designer ( what a twist ! ). Easy to guess what happens next.

The video is full of After Effect and Element 3D, we didn't had enough time for rendering with Octane or Redshift. UI was also the big part of the project, and kinda tough tho.

This project was about a lot of fun because this kind of context for my work was new for me. Moreover, I had four day to achieve it ! This is where I learn about what a "tight deadline" means. With the Social Club team, we worked closely together to bring this video to life, and this experience was joyful.

Then, the video has been played before an audience in a Paris theatre, and for many interviews with the Dreem's CEO on tv.

2018 / UI, MOTION, 3D 
DREEM thumb
good night

Somes screenshot about the Dreem keynote in early november.

Capture d’écran 2019-01-28 à 00.16.12
Capture d’écran 2019-01-28 à 00.15.38

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